The Castle’s Stunning Views

A view from the castle grounds, of Lake Worth


2 responses to “The Castle’s Stunning Views

  1. I just wanted to thank you for taking and sharing the beautiful pictures of the castle in Lake Worth. It brings back great memories of my childhood and going for Sunday drives with my parents and dreaming of one day living in the castle! Secretly, I still think about living in that castle. Thank you again!!

    • You are so welcome concerning the pictures. I can understand the desire of wanting to reside within of one, oh, so very well. ( short term, mind you due to upkeep and no maids cook, grounds keepers, present within of my life style).
      As well, there are so many to pick from around the world.
      This castle is unique because most people think of Texas as the Cowboy state. Texas has many historic homes from a diverse cross settlement of peoples,
      who traversed to Texas, with dreams and to settle here.
      My dream is one in Scotland called, Dunvegan Castle. The castle awaits for me to explore one day in the near future.
      Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
      Take good care,
      Mira Faraday

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