The Observer

Boston Public Gardens founded in 1837

Boston Public Gardens

The smallest suspension bridge

A moment like this, within the Boston Public Gardens

Seeing with innocence through the eyes of a child

 George Washington, looking undefeated with his powerful stead


 Swans in the lake at the Boston Public Gardens

Childhood games of hide and seek

A moment of wonder lust within of the child

Make Way for Ducklings by Sculptor Nancy Schon

A goose or a gander

A man finds solitude within of the busy city

The ducklings putting on a show

The doctor who invented anesthesia, a tribute

Being into the moment with a book

Boston Commons, the happy police officer with a smile

Life within the city and children enjoy the play of water, laughter and squeals alight within the air of joy. Diversity of colors and nationalities. How beautiful is the sighting of peacefulness. What can we all learn from the moment, question yourself of this.

Two friends from differences, enjoy the game of Chess. They have much to teach us within the moment of differences.

Lunch time and time to pick the book up and escape within a novel. A time out moment to escape we all need each day.

Memories of childhood found, the Merry Go-Round. A ride such as this is with no age limit to ride. Step on and enjoy the ride, allow it to take you back or to experience for the first time the ability to be playful.

Beacon Street, on one edge of  Boston Commons.

The beginning of a long walk, to test me to see if healing was within of my sphere and yes, I found the top of the hill.

A lovely garden area on the campus of Boston College.

The sign that led to my predestined moment in time, to see if I could walk and how far I had come.

I was led to this place to walk the Labyrinth at Boston College.

Ah, my heart is alight at the prospect.

With each foot step I allowed what decided to come. Wow! I smiled the entire time not just on the inside and I was so happy within of my journey. Within each step the energy is vibrant with fullness.

Moments in time move in many directions. I enjoyed the journey I experienced ever so greatly within each moment.There were to many  corners to count as each turn brought something new to alight within me a joy that was filling.  From the simple of life, to the experience of others, animals and childhood laughter that bubbles forth soft and some times loudly. The children and the animals do live within each moment and make wise use of their moments. They take the moments not for granted but are present and filling them with experience.

 As adults we are consumed with success, surviving, illness, responsibilities, getting ahead, fleet of footedness, time that slips through our fingers. Imagine how taking time each day to stop for a bit and to take in where you are and where you are heading. Imagine closing your eyes and centering yourself and seeing what is before of you, when you open your eyes and see within the moment the beauty that surrounds you, the giftedness of friendships, family, nature, a stranger who asks directions or one in need, the look on the love of your life’s face, your child, your mother or father, brother. Reach out and share in a moment a friendly hello, how are you? Imagine how we have the ability to change moments with a friendly few words, a touch, a smile, a hug, a kiss. A thank you, I love you, Your important to me, I value you. Make your moments count. We never know our standing for how long we shall reign within of our own skin or that of another. Time is taken for granted and wasted and time is a valuable resource within our life time frame. Make your moments count.

Smiles to touch that of you this day,

Mira Faraday


One response to “The Observer

  1. You captured those little moments well. I think I have been to this park, many many years ago.

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