Gloucester Schooner Festival, Rocks

Ready For The Race

By Artist: Donald Allen Mosher

13 Main Street Rockport, MA 01860

A very talented artist within of the area.

Gloucester Schooner Festival

This weekend was the exciting Gloucester Schooner Festival, in Gloucester, Ma. This was a major sailing event taking place in the harbor and immediate waters of America’s oldest seaport in the United States. The event honors the major contribution of the classic fishing schooner to the history of Gloucester and the eastern seaboard of the United States.

During the event featured over the past days were old  great vessels that remain from the days of the past along side their replicas. Ships that participate compete in the Mayor’s Race for the Esperanto Cup, that is a trophy from the first International Fisherman’s Race sailed in 1920.

Found is a unique mix of old and new as modern-day trawlers share the port with traditional vessels from the age of sail. The event is as well a great experience to be had. My experience started with figuring out the best vantage point for viewing the races. I wanted to observe the ships and schooners exiting the harbor out in the surrounding water for the races. I found that the Eastern Point lighthouse seemed a plausible location to get to for the perfect viewing. I later found out that buses would be running in the area to the lighthouse to transport everyone whom ventured into that direction. I as well thought it would be a busy location but it turned out not to be on Sunday during the races. The walk out to the jetty from the lighthouse where I thought would be the perfect spot to get close-ups, proved to be a winning location for me.

I ventured down to the end of the jetty and found a rock to perch on with camera in hand. After a few moments of waiting for the vessels to sail by, I was christened with the water from the Atlantic, as a wave made sure I felt the effect. I was undaunted by the water waylaying me. The viewing was perfect to see each vessel pass by.

In between the vessels passing by there were plenty of seagulls to entertain me. I as well observed a group of kayakers who braved leaving the harbor opening as well.

I will say my hat is off to the town of Gloucester for holding this event with keeping history alive as well to the residents who many had their neighborhood thwarted with compliant tourist traffic. As well to all those who participated, organized the event, entertained, provided safety measures, directions, parking, bus service and the local law enforcement. Also a hearty cheer for the Thomas E. Lannon and crew!

This is the first ship that I observed getting out onto the jetty at East Point lighthouse.

Maybe feeling out the competition here?

So far, who maybe faster?

Maybe bigger is not always better.

The coastline at the base of East Point Lighthouse.

A schooner vessel entering the outer harbor area.

Kayakers, plying the water in the area.

The Thomas E. Lannon, sails out to the race.

Eastern Point Light-house, Gloucester, MA picture taken from the jetty.

Anger management training found within even, the seagulls.

For me another gifted day within life. Nature at her best, others enjoying their pursuits as well as me sharing of moments that are precious to me. Gloucester is a wonderful town to spend some moments within, full of so very much talent from the residents to mother nature at her finest. I hope that you enjoyed my sharing and welcome you to come back for more in the future as time allows of me to gather moments to share.

Have a wonderful day,

Mira Faraday


2 responses to “Gloucester Schooner Festival, Rocks

  1. Lovely photos. Wish I could come visit here!

    • Thank you for visiting. I wish I lived there as well. Ah, I just have a passion for being near the water. Your blog is as well so cathartic and moving. Can you send me your link and I would like to add you to my blogs.
      Have a wonderful day and a great week at school.
      Smiles across the miles to brighten your day!

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