Moments Are A Gifting, In Life



Moments come, moments fleet, quick of those who fail to reach out beyond of self. When we walk our pathway striving forth ward, not being mindful of where our proverbial footsteps are taking us

I had recent of experience of illness descend upon me, unexpectedly. The arrival took of me to a depth of experience on my pathway that has taught me much in this past year.

When a doctor says that you have a serious blood level issue, that is the cause of what is going on, you kind of look at them and go what? That your condition has you transfixed within your pathway of only two months to live unless you take immediate action for treatment. My response was how soon can we start and will this work? In the time of this I realized greatly the fragility of whom we are as humans as well as what I truly value.

I intuited this greatly when I walked a Labyrinth in Edinburgh, Scotland on my last day of sojourn there. I had in effect let myself down in many ways with not being able to do what was the normal for me. From hiking, walking or even sleep, I was floating in a frame of let down. This journey had been a dream as well as a goal that was vital for me and important. My footsteps within the Labyrinth, were slow, wondering if I could finish the journey of the Labyrinth. A knowing came to me that was in the moment that an obstacle faced me in my face looming with largeness. I had no name for it at the time but knew I had to seek to find the answer quickly.

The months that have elapsed with treatment have taught me many things. The meaning of friendship, taking chances, being within the moment, doing what feels right within of my heart, allowing myself to be open to experience, garnering those whom traverse within of my sphere of life, saying what needs to be said from I love you to thank you, to I value, who you are and thank you for sharing with me. I as well learned of not putting off till tomorrow what I desire today to experience. I take, not a moment for granted that I feel is gifted to me.

When one is active and then is pushed into a brick wall and what has been normal, and what is taken for granted that we can do for ourselves is not found within our presence, we wake up big time to transcend to another level of incomprehension. We have need to find our way back in essence to what will it take to heal and then walk the road not counting the weeks and days as the mind so loves to do, but to be ever in the moment we are in, to live it fully with fullness and gracefulness. To share from our mouth to those near and far what is the deepest within of us.

I have been gifted with some friends mostly far from where I live. Each though in their own way did not close the door on me. A few did, that I had not expectation of. Yes, my heart was very hurt with this and not understanding the whys. Though those are thoughts of loss as well new friends appeared out of the blue, to share a hearty hello, how are you? The greatest thing is to share a smile with another I prefer more laughter and smiles, one of my goals to share with others.

Therefore, the following pictures are of a Little Pirate in my life that has taken my heart with such joyfulness. He teaches me as well at such a young age his gift is so very magical. This special pirate and I took a journey to an island. He is by nature one that so very much loves to explore and journey with the greatest gift of being ever present within of his moments. He is in total amazement of what surrounds of him from the simple to the complex. He is far from ever the proverbial grumpy, Pirate. I really had uninterrupted time to explore with this pirate for many hours. Again his age has no bearing on the experience other than I learned further of looking at life through the eyes of innocence, through the eyes of loving where I am and those that surround of me.

I vesper within silence as a ritual to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me, to push thoughts away of what could be but remain ever present within the gift of seeking to walk forth with my eyes and heart wide open to what comes afore of me each day. To be an active participant and not just the observer. I live life active and fully with awareness of each step I take. Moments are priceless. My experience has been a gifting of treasure to me on the long road back to being healthy.

My proverbial pirate was such a delight with sharing some priceless moments within of a realm of exploring the uniqueness of the simple and divineness that is available to anyone who dares to venture forth ward beyond of their bounds of home. The words, seek and thee shall find, are the key to unlocking such a vastness within of our lifescape.

I challenge you to take the time, moments or a day for yourself being alone or sharing with another and being ever present where ever you shall be from your backyard, a park, a walk, a museum, out in the woods, a field, near water of a lake or ocean. Stop, take footsteps and look around of you, explore. Share the experience of looking at the simple of where you are in the quietness, spend time really listening with your ears to what is around you, observe the details, the colors, the contrasts. Take the hand of another, feel it, look at it, pull them along with you and just be present. Say, what is on your mind, be real, honest, tender and loving. You will be amazed if present of how you can gift another as well as that of yourself. The price in dollars and cents? It is free, imagine free unless you take off to some specific destination.

The moments are free to experience. I can say without a doubt that you will find them to be, rather priceless gems of memories. They will remain with you for a very long time. They may as well gift of you in a unique way that shall in a day or in time reveal much gifting to you when you least expect of it. You will have an “Ah, ha”, moment that may be followed by an “O”.

Treasured Moments In Time:


When traversing life and environs new, one must be open to awareness of what is within and around one. The Pirates Flag


                                    The seagull announces the arrival of the pirate, coming ashore


              Eager to explore, the newness in front of him, he ply’s from the waters edge


       His crew, explores beyond of him as he is the observer within of his moments


                                                                                  Wonder alights within of his eyes  

                                                           Freedom from his normal bounds excites, liberates ,

                                                                                   creating joyfulness within him


                                                                       Observation of the sea weed that washes ashore.


                                                                           This is not the pirates idea of a “ Happy Meal


      Aye, the Little Pirate is braver with time ashore to ply within the water again


                                                                        Exploration of the isle is a continuum, for the pirate


                                                                            Behind is left his vessel, for the moment of time


                                                                                                    Magical play of sand and water


                                        Intense thought and observation keeps the Little Pirate on the go


                                    The Little Pirate enjoyed seeing where the natives of the island lived


                                                                               We observed other vessels, coming towards shore


                                            Seashells are found now to be a vital interest to the Little Pirate


                                     His attention is on his shell, his find, his treasure



                                      The simple treasure captivates the Little Pirate



                                       Seagulls, called to us, to come and pay heed of a visit with them.


       We were back in our search and found Layla and Skye, awaiting to walk with us


You know of course these dogs are not fans of the water at all, we  found out


                                                      We watched other dogs on the beach as well


          Wet sand throwing is a true sport for the Little Pirate, he loves to toss wet sand


                                                      The warm up before the toss by the Little Pirate #20


                     And he is ready to toss again and he scores two points for the Old School


He runs into some fellow Pirates who share another sport with him





These were moments that the Little Pirate had to observe for sure






The Little Pirate, had to give it a try as it looked like a lot of fun




That entertainment did not last too long with the trying


Back to the water the Little Pirate, decided to venture once again


He found his true treasure for the entire day, that of his father arriving, too see him, to share more moments of pure bliss that is shared within the bounds of love.


And off they sailed to journey where ever the wind shall carry them, Free I hope them to be.


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  1. Sweet blog, I had not come across before during my searches!
    Carry on the good work!

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