To Everything, There is A Season

     Sundance Square (2)                                                   

These are some moments, that I hope ,they never end. Each is truly a gift to each of us. For the hour was nearing the late afternoon. Eager was I to see some wide open space. The desire to feel that fulfillment of stepping away from the  cathartic, whirl within of the city limits. This is after all the outer flanking of Fort Worth, Texas. My mind lingers that the temperature should be dropping as it is on the calendar, fall now. For me, fall means the crispness of air with leaves changing color, the smell of wood smoke and the setting of the sun at an earlier hour. I have to readjust my thinking as I am not on the east coast at the present of now but here within my terrain of home.

Still I linger with that desire for want and need to feel that weather. I like all of the seasons but Autumn and Spring are my favorite times of the year.I remember growing up in my preteens and the smell of applesauce being made and canned, as well as hot apple cider. Usually our weekends were spent camping in Virginia,  in the Blue Ridge mountains or an area near the North Branch of  the Potomac River in the wilds of Smoke Hole, W.VA.  You could spot the deer that roamed and see the tracks of other familiar animals as well including bears. The leaves changed color and put on a show of magnificence. A fire was always burning at our camp site if we were present. Night time was family time for the four of us. We would sit around the campfire and share of what was special for that particular day.  We would observe the night time sky and listen with wide open ears to the noise that alighted from the wild of nature. Sunrise and the setting sun, have always caught my attention from a very young age.

This eve of escape found me in the parameters of freedom, freedom to explore nature and what came within the vestige of my sightings. I drove a random route to seek what ever caught my wondering eyes.  I garnered to see the play of light.

When  I am out and about snapping photos,  it is unique to find that others see you and wonder what you are up to when you are stopping to take pictures. They question you if everything is okay, do you need help? What are you finding so interesting to take photographs of ?

I am amazed at times of where this leads with conversations that at times can be very interesting. Such as, you should see this or if you drive a little further I have a friend who has………. So, I share a smile and a “ Thank You”, with each soul that I meander into meeting with my forays out and about.

I was shown just by being present many things such as the horses and other moments I found on my own. I delighted in my few hours of traversing about with no agenda, no rushing but being ever present to the moments as they presented themselves to me almost as if nature on her own decided, “ I am gonna show you girl, a thing or two”! “So, pay rapt attention”. See, me, hear me as I shall delight that of you.

The Texas fall beginnings ,of a change in the weather after the hot heat of summer, is rather a blissful time to wonder about out in nature. It is a great time for families or friends to gather and share time with one another away from the same old, same old routine of rushing around to get to  work, school or appointments.  Make the effort to make your moments count with meaning.

Nature for  me did put on a rather grand, showing where ever I stepped in those moments. I truly delighted in each point I journeyed with my eyes wide open and my cowboy boots surrounding my feet.

My Moments of Happenstance Wonderings:


A horse with no name, ply’s about showing off


She is a keen observer from a distance.




The lone wild flower, showing it’s splendor




The shadow play of light through the branches of the trees



I was presented with going to the left or the right. The right side I observed the glint of sunlight





The  wild birds came to visit with me. They had high hopes of  finding some morsels
















The lighted clouds that I caught with this image capture the moment as it progressed within the moment.

Go and seek to find your moments each day! You never know what you shall experience,

Laughter, Smiles and Hearty cheers, to each of you.


Mira Faraday


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