Exploring Castle Realms Amongst Moments

DSC_0489_10 The Castle Grounds

Outside the confines of the castle walls, I look about at the present of my world. I had the strongest of desire with the  greatest intent to explore my current surrounds.The summer beast,  that has strummed those that reside within the central confines of Texas, to hide within, behind the comfort of  closed doors, has departed. The beast  has been here for several months now.The cooler temperatures, allow of us to break out to the outside world once again. You feel the need to celebrate the new season that has arrived. I felt free.

There is a liveliness to each person I encounter daily and smiles, shared. A hearty “yes”, is shared between conversations of hello’s.

I walked about, explored from the interim of gardens that grace about of me within my bounds of homeland. Eager was I to capture and share moments of the areas I traversed within of the paths I dared to walk.

I walked pathways as well as the country side with my eyes wide open each step of the way. I was moved, so happy and joyful to experience  the  liveliness that nature graced us with here. Each day was an adventure for me, each turn brought something new.

I started down the stairs of my castle to the gardens below.


I took my time traversing the garden slowly to ponder first one of my favorite places here.

Mira's Lion

I found my Lion, welcoming me to the dawn of a new day. Our castle must have a guard.

Water Falls

I lingered near the waterfall and enjoyed the sound of the water as it cascaded over the rocks. The quietness was gentle and welcoming.

Working My Way Home

I observed the vines that capture and imprison the columns  that flank the walkway.


The Wisteria, captures, holds on strongly.


The scent of roses, in bloom alight my senses, greatly.


The reflection of trees, sky and clouds, pull at me to look closer.


Reflection is found this day in so many places I walk.

Unity Vessel

The vessel of magic, it calls softly to remind me of what is important.

The Path

I am reminded that the path has many twists and turns

The Tree One  does not have to walk alone with struggle but needs to be present and mindful of their moments.


The twists and turns are  a gifting in our life’s path


There is always more than one way to reach the goal, obstacles are illusions

The Way

It takes courage to travel through the sleeping giants.


Sometimes we can not really see what is right in front of us. Look closely, listen with your heart.


The field is yours, step  beyond your self imposed bounds, dare to dream!

A Good Bye

We all need friends, value those whom reach for you. Take them not for granted

Girl and Pitcher2

We all need quiet time to regroup, dream and set goals, gilt free


Time  to notice the small  things along our pathway





Yellow drop



Find your music, there is always more than one way to observe anything  in  our lives


New beginnings are great to experience, new chapters in life


There is no hiding who you are


Sensual Bud

Look at Me

Color My World Color your world



Do not let anyone or situation hold you prisoner, break free

Spray green

Aim high!  Do not try to justify, your ticket on this life time trip is one way.


Do not waste time  trying to collect your lost and found


Flying with the eagles is more fun than hanging with the turtles


Expanding my view, hearing the music



Cool Running


Finding your way home

I  remember what I was dreaming in my mind, not so long ago. There are many DSC_0324_193changes, I come to realize with the passing of time, places I have wondered and yet to discover.  Time seems to slip away, without notice of what lies yet within the realm of possibilities. Places to see and things yet unfinished for me. The thing that helped me traverse the hard times, was keeping the faith, setting goals and reaching beyond of  myself. I was gifted with many great friends as well as new ones.

I was determined to search out with the greatest of desire, castles built here within the United States. I had heard rumors of two castles not far from me. I some what laughed and responded with a “ yeah”, right. I was then enlightened with researching information of this castle and found I  had seen it perched up on a hill in the city of Stirlingshire, Scotland.

Facade Nord, did take me by surprise, since it is close to where I reside as well as having been to Scotland recently.  So, I ventured out to Eagle Mountain Lake, to see for myself what this castle could be that lies within the realm of Texas.

Facade Nord or “North Face”,  is owned by a local prominent lawyer. Mr. Gene De Bullet, is reported to be the owner of Facade Nord or the Lord of the Castle or he may be even the king. It is a 1/4 size replica, of  Buchanan Castle in Scotland once owned by De Bullet’s ancestors.

I searched and found an article published Friday May 13, 2005 in the Star-Telegram Neighborhoods Up Close section , that tells the story about the castle from the owner. The castle was built in 1996 on the shore of Eagle Mountain Lake. The castle is a replica of the owners ancestors in Scotland.

The castle in Scotland was named the Buchanan castle, it is now in ruins. The owner was able to recreate and replicate the Buchanan castle( from his ancestors). If you are interested  in further information, you can contact the Fort Worth Star-telegram to gather more information of this article  that was published. As well information can be found online.

I enjoyed greatly my travel to see what could be seen of the castle. I as well needed to enlighten my baristas, at STARBUCKS. (Wink!, I love you guys).

A few facts from the Tax Rolls:
Market value: $1,476,200
Square Feet: 6,570
Year Built: 1996

Buchanan Castle 2002

Buchanan Castle is a large house in Stirlingshire, Scotland, and serves today as the seat of the Clan Graham.

Located west of the village of Drymen, the house was built by the 4th Duke of Montrose in 1854. The original structure, the ancestral seat of the Clan Buchanan, had burned down in 1852, and Montrose commissioned William Burn to replace it. Burn designed an extravagant manor in the Scottish baronial style, enclosing an L-plan tower in a clutch of turrets, bartizans and stepped gables. This new house would replace Mugdock Castle as the official seat of the Clan Graham.

Sold off in 1925, it briefly saw service as a hospital during the Second World War, during which one of the patients was Rudolf Hess. Afterwards it was de-roofed to avoid paying rates on the building, leading to the inevitable structural deterioration.

Today it remains standing to full height but progressively engulfed by trees and plants, marooned on the perimeter of a golf course after which it is named, and surrounded incongruously by modern housing. A perimeter fence surrounds the structure itself.

There have been several attempts to turn the Castle into a hotel but these have all failed due to the castle being protected by The National Trust of Scotland as a historical site, it is also on the list as one of many historical sites that need restoration.

No Buchanan ever lived in this house, as it was built and occupied by the Duke of Montrose, a Graham title

Buchanon Castle today, in Scotland



DSC_0490_11 DSC_0488_09

Facade Nord, on the  shore of Eagle Mountain Lake. The towers of the castleDSC_0491_12

Facade Nord with Eagle Mountain Lake in the background


Now for a Sunday family drive or to venture out and about ,the area around the lake offers a great park along Boat Club Rd, to explore as well with the history of the area. The area is very unique. The kiddos can see horses, birds, cattle as well as hiking the foot path in the park.

Step out the front door, head to “STARBUCKS”, get a drink from  the multiple selections and maybe a snack to eat along the way. This is a great time in Central Texas, to explore.

Have fun with your adventure and as well if you have little a princes or prince (s), they will as well enjoy the venture of seeing nature and learning some history as well as the ability to let the mind wonder of times past as well as the present.

Make your moments count today.

Enjoy each moment that passes by,

Mira Faraday

Directions: From Fort Worth, take 820 and exit the Azle exit. Head North to the light for Boat Club Rd.  Turn Right, go back the road through many lights, the road will split at a “Y”, stay to the left. Drive maybe a mile and then slow down,  look to the left, you can not miss the towers. It is located on Boat Club Rd. about half way between Lechner Rd and where Boat Club Road dead ends into the Fort Worth Boat Club. It is located on the south side of the road over looking Eagle Mountain Lake. For the “Garamond “, users just search for Fort Worth Boat Club.


Mira  Faraday

Castle Buchanon information garnered from Wikipedia.


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