The Brigid Poets, Return For Samhain


As the winds of time change, in the circle of life,

the lives of the living do as well.

Seasons may come and go,

we gather round to expose our soulful writes.

As we meet and greet at the sacred cross roads,


the breeze carries the scent of dampened earth with drying leaves,

the horses hooves can be heard from the distance of the plains.

We gather here within “The Poets Garden”.

A sheltered site, for the “Brigad Poets”.

Gathered round and voices heard, sharing of experience

with such heart felt delight.

Poets Room Entry_043



The words are many,  that we share.

Enlightening discourse flows with abundance,

words to heal, words to cheer,

words that offer hope, dreams,

fulfillment of one’s destiny.

We honor she, that came before us, that

lighted the path that we choose selfless to traverse.

Our wings of thoughts fly, rampantly with abundant discourse.

We desire to heal the hearts and minds of those whom

walk,  the long and winding circle

of  life. To heed of them to awaken to the journey.



(The wood nymphs, dance about  in celebratory affair)


To not see the world as all black and white,

to see the world surrounds of them

in all the glory of color, to touch, to feel,

hear of sounds  as well

to express that which lies within of them,

to transpose of the self, to seek outwards.


To heed notice of the smallest elements within of ones, self imposed sphere


To dance free and run  fast with the wind




To seek the light of laughter, to allow another to smile, to encourage

the heart of others along the way. To share in mind provoking thoughts.

The journey is an abundant gifting.


Oh, I kindle the sacred fire in wisdom, love, and power.
Sacred fire burn within me.


I feel in the depths flow, the waters of wisdom.
Sacred water, flow within me and all around.
Take me to where I need to be in this moment,
to heal those far and nearest.


We journey, forth upon the currents

Content that our written words, shall be heard.

 Soft Focus_148

Hear our harmonic melody of words, moving in a melodic timbre



See the light within of us, seek within of our eyes, You shall know the poets that write within

this garden.



Soft.Julia, Juiliet_056 



(The butterfly, counts not the moments

but the seconds of his life time.)


The gifting from mother nature is abundance






We honor the bounties of natures gifting


We honor all of those whom travel within the sphere of this world with the highest thoughts for peace to touch all those whom are the preciousness upon our global village,

let them all hear the words, to honor one another, to find  that peace starts within of self.

Let each walk with honor and be the guardians of tomorrow.

In this season reach beyond of self without limitation to strive to make the world a better place.

Allow and not hide from the gift of love, it is there for each of us.


Eager to  share the music of words to thwart the minds of others, a poetess seeks to find moments alone in quiet time with nature, before the celebration of Samhain.


From the depths to the heights, spans the world tree.
Sacred tree, grow within us all right, now.

The Fire, the Well, the Sacred Tree, flame and flow and grow in me.
In  our land, sea and sky,
Below and on high.
Thus is the sacred grove claimed and hallowed.
Biodh Se!
By the cleansing of water, and fire, let all ill turn away from me and mine.
Biodh Se!

To each let the bounty of harvest be within of your reach,

allow the light to shine within of you to share with others your gifts,

your love, your passions, your voice, your music.

Allow your light to shine to make a difference.

Biodh Se!

It is  my heart felt hope, that your life contains abundance at this time. Shall

it not , awaken of self and reach out to others and give selfless, share your inherent

gifting. You shall be amazed at what appears within of your space of life.

Enjoy the fruiting of nature, be present within of your moments, life live to the fullest!

A hearty good cheer to that of you.

Mira Faraday


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