Santa, Making a Difference for The Children In Chapala, Mexico


Santa, in Chapala, Mexico, the wide eyed smiles from, the children

Tonight, I step away from the norm and enter a phase of thankfulness. The time comes afore, to allow one whom has been within of my life for so many years to know how I feel.

At the young age of 18 months a very special person, entered my sphere of life. When I was that age, I did not see the beard that many see when they view “Santa”, To me he was real. He came up the stairs and in his pocket was always a surprise.

He, in his own way was magical. He as well, has been a truly very special gifting, within of my life. Through the times of what I perceived as either good or bad, that later I would learn were basically growing up and learning from experiences. He was there with always a wise word to share. He never deliberated, on the negative but always listened and then asked me, what did I want to do? He let me know, he was there for me. Changing the subject to something that was with humor or funny to move my mind away from what I may have perceived as being either great or a vast negative seemed to happen with great frequency. His words where in my mind, to be present to where I was within of the moment of time. To enjoy the moment in fullness with really being, present and really there in the moment of time. His calling as well, was truly humor. That is one of his greatest traits, I see as a gift.

Through my life I admired a man whom helped me bring my first daughter into the world with the true patience, sympathy and support that I have yet to find in another human being. After my first daughter was born, I saw my life and my dreams of what I thought was my road, diminished. To me he handed me a book in the terms of positive thinking, by Wayne Dyer. That book launched me forth ward in many ways to pave my road ahead. Those words of what he shared with me have always been in my mind and will stay with me for now, as my secrete to not share. Though many times he was persistent with asking of me what would make me happy. He was always present with listening to what I spoke and he listened unconditionally. He accepted me unconditionally with not putting me down but making me think.


You, want what for Christmas? Say, it again, did I hear you right?

Over the years of his life, He has helped others from patients in a hospice as a volunteer, home health care, to people in communities. His present home is in Mexico where he has retired and the place that within in the bounds of his heart is truly home to him. Since his arrival within of Chapala, Mexico, he has made friends from all over the world. I ask myself why? Well you see, he has a true sense of humor. He does not stagnate. He always looks for the good, the goodness within of where he is.  He loves the weather and the towns people of Chapala.

He as well has the innate ability to see what many do not see. The child in great need of food, the child with need for shoes. To many, they may look and ignore a sight of a child with a need. He as well has helped many children in his own way over the many years, he has lived in Chapala. He will as well pass the word onto friends when he notices someone who is in need. There have been those he has befriended that he too has helped with getting to the doctor or the store. He has been involved with the Lake Side Theater as an actor in plays, an assistant in some fashion to as well working with the American Legion Post #7, where he is a member today.

His really truly happy time, is when the Christmas season comes and he dresses as “Santa”. He has gone to the town square in Chapala, Mexico with candy and attempted to deal with the throngs of young and old almost to the point of riot conditions. At his age, those conditions can be a vast over load where people can not wait but run, towards him. Why does he do it, because of the little children with keeping the ideas of imagination and hope alive. That the trueness of the holiday is not how about gifts you get, but that you feel the spirit of the holiday season. That there is a, “Santa” within the midst of the community of Chapala and one whom will listen to what the children have to say, should they get the chance to sit upon, “Santa’s” lap, smile and share their wishes with him. Can you imagine children sharing their dreams and wishes with you?

When I visited Chapala, many years ago, I was amazed at all the people that live within of the town, that knew my dad. I was some what dumb founded. He became alive being within the environ of simplicity. No complications existed but any easy coexistence for him.


This year at, “El Zapote Restaurant”, Moreles #185 Chapala, Mexico ,  a great place to dine, my dad, “Santa”, had a different set up to meet the children. In “El Zapote Restaurant”, there is a sleigh set up and again, “Santa”, is inside waiting, for the children to arrive. A quieter setting this year to bring those big, wide eyed smiles from children to inside and a more controlled environment. So, our communication has been some what limited with the hours he gives to the children. Should he aim for the outside of the restaurant he is still, thronged by teenagers and adults. I love the idea that even the elderly are not bashful of visiting, “Santa”. They get the biggest kick from a picture with him, that to them is so very dear and special.

From this magical person, I have learned that what dwells within each of us is a hero. All we need to do is look within of ourselves and find our calling, to not ignore what gift we have that can make a difference beyond of self. So, challenge yourself to find your inner “hero”, step out from the fray with a tenacious, tenacity to make a difference. Each of us has that ability to make the world a better place, one step at a time.

To my special “Santa”, you made a difference in my world and you truly are my ‘hero”, that I love dearly. You ingrained and gifted me with so many wonderful experiences in my life. “ I love you”, for who you are. Yes, this is a moment in my time, to stop and share with you, alone. You are so very special, “ Santa”! to me. Once again, you made a difference in the world. The young all the way to the old are so gifted in Chapala,  Mexico, to have “Santa” within their midst.



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