The Inner Christmas

I know this time of year, your head is spinning in a million different directions:
People to connect with. Gifts to buy. Decorations to put up. Maybe even places to travel to.
Which is why I am hoping you will honor yourself, by taking a few minutes to experience an oasis of peace and reflection in the midst of your busy day.
It’s a powerful four minute movie, from an amazingly profound, articulate and gifted woman named Lynn Jericho.  I am so grateful for the deepening wisdom she has graced me with.  I could go on and on about the meaning Lynn has brought to my life.
Its about a new kind of Christmas celebration – an Inner Christmas.  A Christmas that is for all faiths. All beliefs. And I know it will touch you as deeply as it has touched me.
Literally tens of thousands of people from 70 countries have experienced it. Many have chosen to stay connected with Lynn through her 12 inspirational Inner Christmas messages. Many lives have been transformed and renewed through what she offers.
As has mine.
And because I share her passion, for a more healed, healthy conscious world, I was moved to pass the link to her movie along to you.
If you are hungering for peace in the midst of this busy time, and seek to fill this auspicious time of year with meaning, I invite you to experience the power of Inner Christmas:

The Inner Christmas

I have followed Lynn for many years. She is a wise woman of grace, compassion and wisdom. Some day I hope to meet her face to face. She has with her words that arrive in my email box been an inspiration to me with waking that which dwells within side of me.

Here are a few images that I keep within reach to inspire of myself.


Journey with out fear


Find your pathway


Your personal path of dreams


As you journey, take notice of the brilliance of beauty that surrounds of you


Open your heart to , LOVE

Taking To The Sky

Aim, HIGH!


Seek your outer world and the gifts bestowed before of you, the sun, moon and the stars….

Thousands of Sparkeling Fragments

The things that call to you


Life is a path with may twist and turns no matter how well you prepare. Be open to acceptance of where you are at in your journey and plan to where you desire to go to.


Life can move with swiftness or slowly


Be like the butterfly and count not the minutes but the seconds, as they appear before of you.


Allow your emotions to show with grace

Honey Bee and Flower


Childhood Memories

Allow the inner child in you time to play


Dream and set goals


Aim high and know that some times, there are twists to any event




Nothing happens if we just stand there waiting for the right time, plan, take off




To your field of DREAMS!!!!!!!


Remember to still pay attention to the details


Be aware of those whom cross of your pathway


All pathways


lead us to a bridge to cross, that leads us to our dreams and goals. A new year approaches and what shall the year bring to that of you?

Have a wonderful  holiday season, my very best to each of you whom dream and plan to step out of your surrounds to go and seek to fulfill your dreams, goals and desires and to make the world a better place. Enjoy!


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