“Ocean”, Weekly Photo Challenge 2011


Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0264_388

The full moon catches my attention over the Atlantic Ocean

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0005_129

Lanes Cove with the tide out, a cove I have wanted to visit for months

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0010_134

Lanes  Cove and remnants of the fishermen lying astray

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0024_148

A small harbor in Rockport, Ma with a skiff of green welcoming the wonder of the life of those that spend time pulling lobster traps from the water day after day.

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0029_153

One will find that rocks are all over the coastline here in Rockport, MA

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0041_165

My attention caught the colors of all the skiffs here

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0050_174

For me of course I have fun with the seagulls

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0015_139

An old building still stands through time at Lanes Cove right at the side as though she is a reminder to the fishermen to come home safely.

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0051_175

An aged life ring hanging on a fishing shed

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0053_177

I call these the fishermen’s shacks. Old buoy markers hang about the outside of the building

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0073_197

Each little building seems to have a decorum of the individual expressed. Each building is different with what is found on the outside on the walls as well as around and about.

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0139_263

A fishing boat out in the Atlantic Ocean, making way for Gloucester Harbor


Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0196_320

The seagulls flying within of the air currents over the sea

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0194_318

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0891_016

Lanes Cove, an old iron piece of work and more rope to see

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0228_352

A Lobster trap off of Dog Bar Breakwater harbor side dwelling within calm waters.

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0901_026

Stacked and stored Lobster traps at Lanes Cove

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0984_109

Lanes Cove looking toward land

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0914_039

Lobster traps and buoy markers piled high

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0922_047

A Kayak in wait for use when the weather warms at Lanes Cove

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0920_045

A canoe aged with time lays at rest in wait for one more chance to ply the water near by

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0359_480

Looking in land towards Gloucester Harbor

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0931_056

Buoy markers collected

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0893_018

Lanes Cove with the calling of the sea beyond the wall.

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0965_090

From Lanes Cove I walked the edge of the Atlantic Ocean

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0091_215

Dog Bar Breakwater protects Gloucester harbor from the Atlantic Ocean.

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0184_308

The sun starts it’s decent of the day

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0987_112

An old hinge on an old building at Lanes Cove

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0162_286

The beginning of walking onto Dog Bar Breakwater

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0106_230

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0108_232

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0161_285

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0134_258

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0138_262

At the base of Eastern Point Lighthouse

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0102_226

The beginning of the Dog Bar Breakwater that protects Gloucester Harbor from the harbor side

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0096_220

A part of the Gloucester Harbor near the entryway for Eastern Point Lighthouse parking lot entry. The oldest seaport in the United States.

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0151_275

Looking midway towards Eastern Point Lighthouse

Once arriving to the destination of the Dog Bar Breakwater I am treated with the feeling of being at the end of the Earth in a way. Even at my age I can feel like an errant explorer of adventure. A half mile lays ahead to walk and when walking I can say it does feel like it is much longer. This is due to the process of being present of where your footsteps take you.
The  first few steps onto the breakwater’s huge granite slabs are awkward at first. I quickly realize that  I am mere feet from an unforgiving Atlantic Ocean crashing onto the granite to my left. Once I  gaze down to the  right I  can see to the bottom of the harbor, calm and still and the metaphor that is the breakwater. This is all the more accentuated by the color of the stone beneath my feet, the “grey area” between black and white, safety and danger, life and death. I have to watch each step I take upon the uneven surface that juts and rises each step of the way. I some how forget of this process after each visit here. I am though reminded easily with those first foot steps to pay heed to where  my steps are going.

My half mile trek along the rocks of the breakwater provide breathtaking views of the ocean contrasted with the profile of Gloucester, which seems so peaceful and quiet from where I stand in relative time. On a clear day you can see the skyline of Boston off beyond the ocean to your left.  I  have been here before and have seen fishermen, sailboats, kayakers and schooners pass by with hearty waves from those out on the water on my way to the small, white lighthouse at the end of the breakwater where I stop  and sit and take in the beauty around me, isolated from all of the troubles of the world, with only the gulls and the sweet ocean air rushing towards me to share a welcome reminder that she the ocean is here to  keep anyone company. The ocean will welcome you with splashes of waves, a rhythmic steady crescendo to allow you to feel all is alright in your moment of time and to allow you time for yourself to transcend.

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0112_236


Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0164_288

At The end of the Dog Bar Breakwater, within the moment I am reminded of the inherent gifting of man kind to over come obstacles in life to persevere, move onward, protect others as well as land.

Mankind has the greatest ability to create positive change. Within each action we may perceive as innocence we need to think a little longer before being the participant of action that is much like a wave. For what goes out does so return to us yet once again to come to us face to face”. ~Mira Faraday~

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0969_094

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0958_083

An old bench seems to harken one to come and sit a spell

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0950_075

Between Lanes Cove and Doughty Point

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0959_084

Another bench is observed with an inscription

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0962_087

The bench is inscribed with Doughty Point where I stand

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0261_385

The Eastern side of Gloucester, MA The full moon rises offering a wonderful view over the Atlantic. The sea grass dances within the wildness of ocean breeze

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0355_476

The gift of the setting sun across the end of Gloucester Harbor and the beginning of the Atlantic Ocean.

This part of the world has been a sweet gifting to me in my moments from snow up to my knees one day to feeling the ocean breeze another. Allowance of self to just surrender to the moments at hand is a rich gifting I never take for granted.

The surrendering is simple, sweet, moving and magical within nature and with human kind.


4 responses to ““Ocean”, Weekly Photo Challenge 2011

  1. nice blog here. I wish I could blog like you.. well, take it easy. happy new year

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  3. excellent writing skills & also I just had a quick question for you.. is this a WP theme blog or is it a different theme? I really like the design

    • Thank you, This is a WP-Theme for sure, except with my photos for the background and header.
      Thank you for stopping by to take a peak. Many smiles your way.
      Mira Faraday

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