Numbers: Children’s Art Work Inspires,“ HOPE”

Childrens ArtDSC_0662_064

This past week, I have spent many hours at a children’s hospital with my child, who was hospitalized. During our stay I felt the need many times for fresh air and sunshine and explored the hospital grounds. I spent some time outside of the hospital building wandering around and came across some truly magnificent art work displayed on a fence around a construction area of a new addition to the hospital. I share this art work due to the fact that this art work is the inspiration of children artists done by students from local schools as well as possible patients of the hospital.

What I found impressive was the time spent by the individual artists as well as their particular expression of sending message of “HOPE”, out into the ethers of the city of Fort Worth, Texas as well as the world at large, for all children.

Each piece of art work is a true inspiration not just for children but as well for adults. The art work is the work of children from several elementary, middle schools as well as a few high schools within Tarrant County. The art work has a message that has need to be shared. I am proud of the children whom shared a part of their time within life to open the eyes of others to what is vital and important within life. Each life, each soul, each spirit is vital here within of our world called earth.

Never should one be taken for granted no matter what the age of a human spirit is at any point in time. As a soul, we are not a number but a human being with a divine purpose to enrich the world around us. Markedly, we see that life is diminished before our eyes daily. Let us get back to the value of valuing each soul that we are gifted within our life and no longer consider a soul a number for a soul of a being is a human being that is precious and a gifting to the world at large . Each one of us matters greatly within the moments of now as well as the future.

Many smiles,

Mira Faraday

Childrens ArtDSC_0628_030

Childrens ArtDSC_0629_031

Childrens ArtDSC_0630_032

Childrens ArtDSC_0631_033

Childrens ArtDSC_0633_035

Childrens ArtDSC_0635_037

Childrens ArtDSC_0636_038

Childrens ArtDSC_0638_040

Childrens ArtDSC_0639_041

Childrens ArtDSC_0641_043

Childrens ArtDSC_0644_046

Childrens ArtDSC_0645_047

Childrens ArtDSC_0646_048

Childrens ArtDSC_0647_049

Childrens ArtDSC_0648_050

Childrens ArtDSC_0649_051

Childrens ArtDSC_0650_052

Childrens ArtDSC_0651_053

Childrens ArtDSC_0652_054

Childrens ArtDSC_0653_055

Childrens ArtDSC_0654_056

Childrens ArtDSC_0655_057

Childrens ArtDSC_0656_058

Childrens ArtDSC_0658_060

Childrens ArtDSC_0659_061

Childrens ArtDSC_0660_062

Childrens ArtDSC_0661_063

Childrens ArtDSC_0663_065

Childrens ArtDSC_0664_066

Childrens ArtDSC_0665_067

Childrens ArtDSC_0676_078

Childrens ArtDSC_0666_068

Childrens ArtDSC_0667_069

Childrens ArtDSC_0668_070

Childrens ArtDSC_0679_081

Childrens ArtDSC_0669_071

Childrens ArtDSC_0671_073

Childrens ArtDSC_0672_074

Childrens ArtDSC_0673_075

Childrens ArtDSC_0674_076

Childrens ArtDSC_0676_078

Childrens ArtDSC_0677_079

Childrens ArtDSC_0678_080

Childrens ArtDSC_0679_081

Childrens ArtDSC_0680_082

All photographs were taken at

Cook Children’s Medical Center

801 Seventh Ave.

Fort Worth, Texas 76104
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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