Healing Within The Sea


The starting point to healing.   


The pirates, junket to journey   


Dolphins within close distance seeking out of curiosity.   


A whale tail   


The eyes of two whales   


The tail of a Humpback Whale.   


Two Humpback Whales   


A Humpback Whale coming out from under the boat, I voyaged. The size of this mammal is amazing up close.   


Another Humpback Whale deems to entertain those with eyes wide in wonder.   


A good morning showing to delight   


The quickness of movement of a Humpback Whale, going down under, again.   


A sail boat of beauty, docked   




Taking off in flight.   


Aiming higher still   


The tail with barnacles   


A castle found along the coast   


The play of light, diamonds cast upon the sea by the thwarty pirates.   


The wind whispers through the sails, as a solo sailor, sails within the quietness to journey forward.   

A Found Castle


A found castle again, on the east coast of the U.S.   


Two more whales cavorting with freedom of dance to their own music.   


A sea gem docked   


A sighting of another Humpback up close.   


The shining, Humpback Whales tail   


An old historic building still stands the moments of time. 


Humpback Whales cresting and going back under water 


A light house station along the coast of the northern part of the U.S. 


A fishing vessel going back to port from a day of fishing with seagulls, following in the wake 


Morning sunlight reflections near a dock


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