“Abundance” Daily Photo Challenge 2011, European Red Deer

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0476_252

European Red Deer, part of a  large abundant thriving herd, foraging in Glen Rose, Texas

Male European red deer (Cervus elaphus) bellow during the mating season. These deer occupy upland areas of much of Europe, northwest Asia and northwest Africa. During autumn, stags compete for the attention of hinds by bellowing at other stags and walking in parallel with one another. Clashes of antlers occur if neither stag backs down. The victorious stag will secure a mate. This mating ritual is known at the rut

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0478_254

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0485_001

This stag was in the back ground and I caught him in a moment alone with his tongue out. I found it one of those days of seeing many animal tongues for some strange reason. I have never had that experience before.


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