“Light”, Daily Photo Challenge 2011 Seeking The Light In Moments of Time


Boston Harbor in the eve of light

When we relegate ourselves to the  position of reflection within the mind, when we look at ourselves in the light of thought, we  have the ability to discover that our life has  been so greatly embosomed in beauty. Should you take the time to step away from the fanatical splay of daily eventualities of your must do list and find a place to seek solitude you shall be easily reminded of what surrounds of you.

Place all the negatives, non pluses, distractions, issues away in a box, tie a bow on the box and sit it on a shelf and allow yourself time to find the center of relevance within of your sphere to let go and be present. Close your eyes for brief moments and allow the mind to settle. Take as long as you need then slowly open your eyes and focus on what comes into view.

Find the place where the light is the brightest that your eyes are drawn to. What shall you discover within of the light is your journey to what is important and vital for you

May you find your light and seek the beauty that surrounds of you.


The woods mellowed in light


Rising moon small within the early eve light


Early morn light, every sailors delight


Seeking the light beyond the window pane, looking towards the light


Sundial in shadow of shade, the hour time is the present of where I stand within of my moments, all that matters is the now of time that is still light.


The light is on to welcome me home


The light of seasons change near sunset


In the light of stormy weather a found fallen hero


Radiant light of textures near a days end

streaking light around pond

Streaking light on the pathway at Walden Pond

colorinfraredwarm birdsgalvestonharbor

Winter light at southern ports edge in the late eve on a stormy day


The change of light towards dark within harbor bounds


The light by shipped docked, reflections create color


Lights within of the night on a city street


Light of winter day


The light of color brightness brings  one to attentiveness within the winter of a found Buddhist Temple


The light of only one light of many shines bright

A Morning to Remember2

Early Morning light of sunrise, one of my favorite views (Scotland)


In the light of darkness within  an ancient cave, initials found on a wall (Mammoth Cave, USA)


In the early morning light Bluebonnets found to herald the season of Spring’s arrival in Texas, US


Silver light found near the Gulf of Mexico winter time, Texas, USA


An old nautical ship light found Texas, USA


Morning light with my friend a  gull, Gulf of Mexico, Texas USA


The powerful lighted words of old that can still move one today


Evening light of winter Gulf of Mexico


Morning light has broken the start to another day of living life fully


The light of reflections found


Green reflections of light in Spring time


Reflections from water and time of communing with nature in the light

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0295_419

Setting sunlight through the trees


Within bounds of castle light I peer beyond window pane with need  to seek the light  of the sunshine


As I peer beyond from upstairs I catch the interior  as well as  the sky reflected within of the pool in the castle, as though a painting is beyond to touch and no pool exists within  the light being reflected


From the shade of light looking upward to exit the garden, sunlight is seen

Memories of Travels

Light reflected within  the seashells collected

The Many Sweet Scents of Life

Candle light

Fossil Rim WildlDSC_0299_423

The light of sun diminishing for the day with a beauty of reflecting across the waters surface. Though the sun does set light is still abounding within even the hours of nights darkness.For there are yet hours for me ahead to abound within to yet enjoy further moments within the gifting of living life fully.

May you garner your hours with gifted joyfulness and fulfillment with what is significant for that of you,

Mira Faraday


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