Augustus Saint- Gaudens

 Augustus Saint-Gaudens

     Throughout the United States there are many of parks and art museums in which can be found bronze and marble statues of the major historical figures of times past. Taken from a mostly European sensibility, these monuments are testaments to their subjects and to the times in which they were sculpted. Among the greatest American sculptors and monument builders of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

By the early 1900’s,  Saint-Gaudens moved to his summer home in Cornish, New Hampshire. Joined by other artists  that included the likes of  Maxfield Perish, Thomas Dewing, and his brother, the sculptor Louis, Saint-Gaudens did in fact create  a community of artists here that supported and inspired him throughout his final years. 

The property is now a state park. A tour can be done of Saint- Gaudens home when it is open that I did not have the chance to do during my particular visit.  Concerts are held here during the summer, private events as well  on the grounds that are very beautific with pieces of his art present to allow of the eyes to befall and enjoy the beauty of. I was able to enjoy the sounds of music from the back lawn as I wondered around during a private event there. I found a saliciousness of solace traversing the grounds with time spent within the garden rooms just in a sense of wonderment. I allowed of time to enjoy the beauty of the flower gardens, where his studio was, the household flower gardens and wondered the pathways enjoying the environ so greatly.

 Today,I realize that it is in fact nearly one hundred years later and his  technical grace and subtle beauty of his work remains an inspiration to artists everywhere. I have seen his work at other locations as well.  I highly recommend the experience to linger here on these grounds it is romantic, relaxing and beautiful. There are trails that can be walked and birds every where. I recommend this location for the artist, the photographer, the outdoors person, garden enthusiasts, children as well. Comfortable shoes are needed if you should walk the trails. One is as well able to be dressed up to walk the gardens near the home of Saint – Gaudans and this is as well a hidden jewel for family or special photo locations.

Augustus Saint-Gaudens – His personal summer home, that turned to be his full-time home with studio, gardens and land to roam with pleasurable pursuit.

The Studio area with flowers abounding the front, with view that is stunning towards the mountains.

The area where the old studio stood that was destroyed by a fire while Augustus Saint-Gauden was alive.

A gentle breeze alights through the area with sunlights dappeling through the trellis.

A mountain seen through the haze on a summer day.

Looking towards the home from the portico.

A garden behind the home.

This piece catches the playof sunlight within the garden as well as the eye.

A garden room with a peaceful viewing area of flowers to delght the senses.

When leaving the garden room there is of course a path to follow to each the next room.

When entering the next room you stop. Your sight catches the glimpse of the unexpected. You must survey the figure in front of you, to see if it reminds you of one whom you may know.

She sits as though in meditation of quiet solitude. Might you know her? She is in peaceful repose.

The play of light from each position, keeps of her face hidden, as though behind the veil of time immortal. This was the one  piece that Augustus Saint- Gauden felt was his most prized work of art work.

Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Memorial to Robert Gould Shaw and the Massachusetts Fifty-fourth Regiment, 1897

Augustus Saint Gauden, spent around eleven years working on this piece that would one day be displayed on the edge of Boston Commons, proudly. This piece can represent many things the most important I find is unity beyond our origins. Working together for a common cause that it can be done if we look beyond boundaries.

The cutting garden was beautiful with color to capture your attention as I stolled through many rows of close planted perenials.

The play of light with a honey bee.

My walk continued in moments of  solitude with nature.

Peering at that last  vestige of the cutting garden as I journeyed onward to discovery.

I hope that the moments spent wondering within the photographs allowed you to step away, let the mind wander with enjoyment with encouragement for where you path shall lead of you next in the moments that await of you.

Smiles to alight you, may you walk within peacefulness

Mira Faraday


One response to “Augustus Saint- Gaudens

  1. Wow, I’d love to attend a concert in a garden like that! Or play in a concert there. Looks so beautiful!

    By the way, I really appreciated your comment on my blog! It was extremely encouraging, as I do seek to be an inspiration to others, as others are an inspiration to me.

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